Coir Industry

Coir Industry - 70,000 Sqft

Fire Fighting System Installation in Coir Industry

Coir Industry
Industry : Coir Industry     Build Up Area : 70,000 Sqft

Problem :

On a fine morning we receive a call that his factory is completely burnt. We were called for a fire audit and system implementation.

Analysis :

When the ABC FIRE team started the fire audit, we analyzed that the client had earlier used a local vendor to implement a fire hydrant system. The vendor has installed local pipes with 1 kg pressure pumps.

Solution :

After the inspection ABC FIRE team clearly reported that a minimum 7 kg pressure is required to fight any coir fire. Coir will burn at 5 kg fire. The client understood the criticality of the system and he asked us to follow the NFPA guidelines to implement the complete, foolproof fire fighting system. The team erected a complete solution where the client was guaranteed to fight any fire.


  • Since the client already lost a lot of money due to the improper system implementation, he has given the complete freedom for ABC FIRE team to install the fire fighting system with a guarantee that the system will fight fire.
  • ABC FIRE team installed the system as per the NFPA guidelines and submitted the license issuance paper to the Fire department.
  • The fire department audited the complete solution, inspected the system and issued the license.


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