Indian Army

Indian Army - Pride of the Nation - 2 0,000 Sqft

Fire Fighting System Installation for Indian Army

Indian Army
Industry : Indian Army - Pride of the Nation      Build Up Area : 2 0,000 Sqft

Problem :

One of the most prestigious buildings of the armed forces where Army, Navy, Air Force and Commando chiefs are addressed in the hall by the Honorable President of India. It is a 100 year old building that has an wooden acoustic for about 60 feet high. The building needs a fire fighting solution that can put off any case of fire with in the initial stage.

Analysis :

It was a very challenging consulting assignment for ABC FIRE team where we had to balance the time to respond versus the old - age building. While proposing the solution there were various other companies gave consultation too. ABC FIRE was taken as best and we have done a fully automatic solution that will put off the fire at the initial stage itself.

Solution :

Since the hall cannot be re-built and antique, we used sensors, beam detection system, sprinklers and hydrants in the right combination to architect this solution. It is a foolproof solution and fully protected, in any case the fire will be put out in less than a minute.


  • ABC Fire installed a turnkey solution.
  • As an extension towards the order and the working module inside the prestigious building of the Indian Armed Forces, ABC FIRE team was highly appreciated by the top officials.
  • That was a proud moment to serve India and its pride. Jai hind.


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