Packaging Production

Packaging Production - 100,000 Sqft

Fire Hydrant System Installation for Packaging Production Industry

Packaging Production
Industry : Packaging Production     Build Up Area : 100,000 Sqft

Problem :

Client wants to install a cost - effective and quality fire fighting solution.

Analysis :

Over 7 fire fighting companies participated in the bidding process. ABC FIRE team analyzed the systems in place and the infrastructure for the company to be installed as per the NBC guidelines.

Solution :

ABC FIRE team proposed a solutions with hydrant and automatic sprinklers in the corresponding places. The quote was split in to 2 modules.

Module 1

Total Turnkey Solution Hardware procurement and installation.

Module 2

Client purchase the material and installation by ABC FIRE team.


  • The client chose Module 2.
  • Savings of almost 30%.
  • ABC FIRE team introduced a systematic process map that listed the schedule of items to be purchased at various instance. ABC Team also introduced the vendors and manufacturers to the client’s Purchase dept.
  • The client involved their purchase team to negotiate with the manufacturers and also were able to plan the materials and payment schedules.
  • The deal was very transparent and the client was able to save money in transportation due to the local connects.
  • ABC FIRE team installed the fire systems in a very professional manner as a single team with the client.


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