Garment Manufacturing

Garment Industry - 250,000 Sqft

Fire Fighting System Installation in Garment Manufacturing Industry

Garment Manufacturing
Industry : Garment Industry      Build Up Area : 250,000 Sqft

Problem :

As per the International buyer norms, the garment unit need to have the complete fire hydrant systems or else the insurance will not be claimed during the fire accident. After the inspection from the buyer, they had only 1 NC point to install the fire hydrant system to release the purchase order worth over millions.

Analysis :

Garment factory prone to fire accidents due to the heavy usage of cotton and knits. The pipeline distance was almost 2500 meters, which normally takes 20 to 25 working days to install. It is a nook on the time due to the size of the order for the client as the International buyers inspection team was staying in India only for the next 3 days. The following inspection will happen only after 4 to 6 months. Its time to act.

Solution :

It was a challenging call given to ABC FIRE team. When we analyzed the situation, it looked very hazy due to the length of the pipes to be deployed and making it operational. Generally on order placement of the raw materials, the stocks will be issued in 7 working days from any vendor. Since we respect the critical situation of the client, ABC FIRE team arranged for stocks from its close associates and vendors, the team deployed 40 professionals in field understanding the urgency of the client. We got the job done in 48 hours.


  • ABC FIRE installed a turnkey solution in 48 hours.
  • Having a close relationship with the suppliers and vendors made it possible.
  • Implementing a proper system and getting a clearance with Fire Department was quite challenging, but the team got it done with training the staffs, evacuation team, floor plan, etc..
  • The client received the purchase order from the International Buyer and they appreciated the client for an immediate response.


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