Hospital - 40,000 Sqft

Fire Alarm System Installation in a Hospital

Industry : Hospital     Build Up Area : 40,000 Sqft

Problem :

The hospital has to apply for NABH certification. The hospital is occupied with patients and the challenge is to install fire sprinkler systems without disturbing the patients who are undergoing treatment.

Analysis :

As per NABH audit the client had to install sprinkler system and get certified from the local fire authority. It was a very challenge call to execute the automatic sprinkler system fabrication without disturbing the patients within 7 working days and to procure the fire license.

Solution :

ABC FIRE team started with the road map. The team clearly studied the movement in the hospital and patients and split the installation in various zones. The deployment staffs were installed for 24 X 7 shifts to make sure there is no disturbance to the patients and the hospital workings.


  • It was a turnkey operation.
  • The hospital management and the staffs were very supportive in the installation process as the team worked in cohesion with the hospital maintenance team.
  • The installation was successfully completed in 5 working days and the local fire department authorities were informed and they inspected the same day.
  • On approval, the fire department issued the recommendation letter to the NABH committee that the hospital is safe with fire systems.
  • It was quite a challenging assignment as we had to make sure the patients are not disturbed and maintain low volume in installation.


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