Hotel Industry

Hospitality – Star Hotel - 60,000 Sqft

Fire Fighting System Installation in Hotel Industry

Hotel Industry
Industry : Hospitality – Star Hotel      Build Up Area : 60,000 Sqft

Problem :

The order was already placed with a local fire fighting company and the vendor was unable to fulfill the requirement and the client was running out of time for the hotel opening.

Analysis :

Without the hydrant and the fire alarm system, the Fire department rejected to issue the approval to open the hotel. Challenge was the location is too small and had to identify the sump room space, etc.,

Solution :

ABC FIRE team studied the complete architecture and prepared the BOQ for the materials. Since a lot of the materials were already purchased, the team decided to re - use most of them and purchased the additional materials. The system erection team was deployed and the work was complete in 15 days.


  • The client has purchased the materials already, so it was just the installation work.
  • The issue with the space was identified with help of the architect and the engineers.
  • The additional challenges on bringing around the hydrant pumps which exactly falls on the way the cars are parked made it complicated as it was prone to breaking due to any accidents.
  • Additional layers of provision were installed to protect any physical damage for the pipes.
  • The ABC FIRE training team identified the evacuation staffs, conducted drills, issues certificates for the volunteers.
  • The hotel is now foolproof with fire fighting systems and safe with ABC FIRE.


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